The famous former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln has become a zombie in Ugly Americans, as seen in the episode "Kill, Mark... Kill!".

The TV entertainment show Abscess Hollywood reports that he is going out with Jessica Alba, and they are going to attend a Broadway show. Randall Skeffington calls the couple by the nickname "Albaham".

Lincoln goes to Leonard Powers's funeral as Leonard's body exploded after Mark Lilly broke his wand. Lincoln kisses Leonard's wizard-shaped gestation urn on the mouth. Upon seeing the former president, Terry and Twayne Boneraper begin planning a re-assassination.

Leonard's hologram later reveals to Mark that Leonard used to protect Lincoln and is going to regenerate back to life. Mark screws up the regeneration and Leonard's flesh splits into about 500 tiny Leonards. All the tiny Leonards but one must be killed for the remaining one to become the original Leonard.

When there are only two little Leonards left, the one labeled 318 saves Lincoln from the re-assassination attempt but dies in doing so. Thus the other one labeled 254 becomes the sole and whole Leonard. Twayne escapes from the theater but Terry is caught by Lincoln's men. Yet Terry is seen to have returned to his own world inside a television later.


  • Zombie Lincoln has a bullet wound in the center of his forehead, however, the real Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back of the head, with no exit wound.