Blob is the central character in the episode "Blob Gets Job".

A blob comes out from the sewers and swarms to the city, swallowing everything in its path, until it is brought down by Francis Grimes with a taser. It is sent to the Department of Integration under Leonard Powers's charge. Leonard just calls it Blob.

Leonard molds Blob into a rough humanoid shape and dresses it up like a man. Then he brings Blob to see Stephen Hawking to help Blob communicate with others, which ends in Leonard robbing Hawking of his speech synthesiser and giving it to Blob.

Leonard first puts Blob in a job as an auctioneer in a government auction. Blob blows it when he makes an anti-Semite remark. Next Leonard puts him to work for Vito in an Italian-American restaurant as a busboy. Vito says Blob is like Potty Mouth Pete and Joey the Jew Hater who both have been whacked.

In the meanwhile, Mark Lilly finds out that snitches buried by the mob in the New Jersey marshlands are mixed with the toxic waste dumped there and become blobs. Vito has got suspicious. He finds a lucky coin belonged to Sammy the Snitch in Blob's body. Blob swiftly escapes by flushing himself down the toilet.

Blob is seen three weeks later having lunch with Leonard and Mark. The newspaper shows that he has stopped the mob. Randall has just parked his van and is about to enter the restaurant, and the three look up when the music abruptly stops and the show goes blank, just like the ending of "The Sopranos". Then the picture returns and a hitman shoots Blob into splatters. Stephen Hawking comes out and retrieves his speech synthesiser.

However, Blob is not dead. He has been sent away to live in Witness Protectionville at the end.


  • Blob is a homage to "The Blob", a movie featuring a large blob creature devouring everything in its path, similar to his appearance at the beginning of the episode.
  • Blob is possibly a mixture of three slain mobsters: Potty Mouth Pete, Joey the Jew Hater and Sammy the Snitch.
  • The ending of "Blob Gets Job" is a parody of the ending of "The Sopranos".