Clark Dungaree (voiced by Mike O'Gorman) actually is not a name, but a title. There have been three Clark Dungarees so far, the first one living like a king in Patagonia for 15 years. The current Clark Dungaree has revealed that he, too, will pass over that persona one day to somebody else, considering Mark Lilly as a candidate for that title.

Clark Dungaree is a completely deranged reality tv show producer, having made such hit shows as "Night Terrors" and "So you think you can disembowel", two of the 400 series he has created over 20 years. He works quite hard for his shows to be as entertaining as possible, relentlessly making instructions out of his studio to keep the show exciting. It's not uncommon for him to contractually obligate people appearing on his shows to drink alcohol or to "get weird".


Clark believes that the reality he artificially creates in his shows in a meticulous process is better in every way than actual reality and he completely freaks out when Mark admits he doesn't want to be on any of his shows, trying to persuade him under all means that reality tv is more exciting and thrilling than the real life. However, that may just have been a guise for his newest show "I'm gonna f**k with you, Mark Lilly", a show completely devoted to playing abstractly complex mind games with Mark. He was searched for a time by the police because of his rather dubious and psychopathic behavior, which may also just have been a part of the plot of that show.

He is actually aware that at least some of the shows he has helped produce are insanely bad, like when he sent in a bag literally filled with shit that was turned into a show spanning 24 episodes by the network and thus blames the Network for "creating the monsters".


  • The name Clark Dungaree being revealed as a title that's been passing on over several persons, with the original Clark Dungaree having retired to live in Patagonia like a king, is high-presumably a homage to the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride.
  • He likes to make imposing entrances that casually set him on fire.
  • He works for "F**K Factor Productions", with asterisks in the name.
  • He speaks with a thick Australian accent.
  • He has slept with Mark Lilly's mother for no apparent reason.
  • He owns a Glock 32 compact pistol, which he has used to threaten cast members on at least one occasion.