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Croatian Man (voiced by Devin Clark) is a recurring character on Ugly Americans. He makes his debut in the pilot episode. His real name Goren is displayed on the score board in the bowling tournament in "Attack of Mark's Clone", and Mark Lilly calls him Goren a few times in "Any Given Workday".

He came from Croatia and attends Mark's class in the Department of Social Services. He is often referred simply as "Croatian Man". He works as a Candy striper in the hospital and has a terrible sense of humor.

He is friends with Doug and Martin. He mentions he has a wife in "Trolling for Terror".


  • He says he wants to be the President of the United States in "Wail Street". Mark later says he is a sociopath.
  • Due to his exaggerated accent and his ridiculous name (as if he is the only Croatian man in the world), he might be a parody of Borat.

Episode Appearances[]

Croatian Man appears in nearly every episode in the series. The episodes listed below are where he plays a more active role in the story.


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