Great Brain (voiced by Randy Pearlstein) is a thought-monster with a stem and only one eyeball. He attends Mark Lilly's class at the Department of Social Services.

He claims to have once been the leader of a massive hive dedicated to the propagation of his species (though Mark notes that his file says he's from Toronto), but now works as a house cleaner, using his body, or brain, as a sponge.

His fiancé, Dolores, appears once in the episode "Sympathy for the Devil" but has not been mentioned since.


  • Great Brain's appearance is modeled after the monsters in the 1958 movie Fiend Without a Face, which was in turn adapted from the 1930 story "The Thought-Monster" by Amelia Reynolds Long. The difference between Great Brain and the movie monster is that the movie monster has tendrils and a pair of eye stalks.
  • Randall hints that Great Brain is scared of heights, in "Mummy Dearest".

Episode AppearancesEdit

Great Brain appears in nearly every episode in the series. The episodes listed below are where he plays a more active role in the story.


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