Jerry "The Fire Ant" McMillan (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) is a minor character in Ugly Americans. He appears in the episode "Journey to the Center of Twayne".


Jerry is an ant man who has been described as "2.1 centimeters of pure evil". He is arrested by Francis Grimes for arson. Mark Lilly later convinces the Department of Integration to let Jerry join his counseling. Mark begins to believe that Jerry is becoming a better insect. Jerry tells him that his father was an alcoholic. In the DOI, he is exposed by Randall Skeffington that his father was actually a Lutheran minister. Jerry makes his escape inside Twayne Boneraper's body through his nose.

Leonard Powers casts a spell to shrink Mark, Grimes and himself to go after Jerry. Grimes meets Princess Chlamydia and they get married. When Jerry discovers they are after him, he burns down the bacteria village which kills Chlamydia's father.

Mark later finds out that Jerry is in love with a stripper named Porsha who works at The Boob Factory. Jerry admits that he has been committing crimes because Porsha wouldn't change for him but she changed for Twayne. However, when he discovers that she is in fact only stealing from Twayne, he decides to be good again. At this moment Grimes gets revenge on his wife's father and kills Jerry with a bone spear. Mark and Grimes then bury him in Twayne's sinus cavity.