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Series Overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 14 March 3, 2010 November 17, 2010
2 17 June 30, 2011 April 25, 2012

Season 1 (2010) Edit

  • C#  =  Episode number in the complete series
  • S#  =  Seasonal episode number
Screenshot C# S# Title Ori. airdate Synopsis
Mark Tied to Bed in Red Light 1 1.01 Pilot  /  D.O.I. Cutbacks 2010-03-17 Mark works at the Department of Integration (DOI) and helps various kinds of creature adapt to life in New York City while managing relationships between his half-demon, half-human girlfriend/supervisor, Callie, and his zombie roommate, Randall.
Matthew Thornton arrested 2 1.02 An American Werewolf in America 2010-03-24 A werewolf and his victim are assigned to Mark's class. Mark teaches them a lesson in trust. Leonard pursues his dream of becoming a famous magician. Randall plots to eat Mark while he sleeps.
Demon baby and Callie's boobs 3 1.03 Demon Baby 2010-03-31 Callie goes baby-crazy when Mark's job requires him to care for a demon baby temporarily. DOI's demon boss Twayne also starts to notice some odd changes in his body and tries to push Callie into a marriage in order to adopt the child.
Blob and Leonard for job 4 1.04 Blob Gets Job 2010-04-07 Leonard finds it difficult to place a strange blob creature in the workforce. While staying with Randall's parents in New Jersey, Mark accidentally "outs" his roommate as a zombie.
Treegasm 5 1.05 Treegasm 2010-04-14 Mark counsels a pair of treetures who are expected to perform in a public mating ritual sanctioned by New York City as a festival. Meanwhile, a molting Callie demands the kinkiest kind of sex from Mark. Randall finds his penis missing.
Vampire Processing Center Fang Neutering 6 1.06 So, You Want to Be a Vampire? 2010-04-21 Mark's new student wants to become a vampire like her boyfriend. Grimes and his crew have to take anger management training under Leonard. Meanwhile, the people of New York are getting afflicted by the strange "Mad Larry Disease".
Kong outside DOI 7 1.07 Kong of Queens 2010-04-28 After further budget cuts threaten to shut down his program, Mark struggles to find a job for a giant ape. Meanwhile, Callie tries to resist her sudden attraction towards Twayne during a convention. Randall loses the lower half of his body.
Xavier Gates and Randall 8 1.08 Better Off Undead 2010-10-06 To overcome his obsession to his ex-girlfriend, Randall runs off to join a zombie cult. A new student in Mark's class becomes his new roommate, but Mark finds him too clingy. Leonard casts a spell on Mark to help him persuade Randall to come home, but it goes severely wrongly.
Baby Leonard 9 1.09 Kill, Mark... Kill! 2010-10-13 Mark runs into a series of trouble when he volunteers to assist Leonard with his defective wand. Twayne believes he has met his soulmate, and together they planned a "presidential re-assassination".
Sammy Fitzpatrick and Mermaid in net 10 1.10 Sympathy for the Devil 2010-10-20 Twayne is forced to endure a series of difficult consequences when he decides to make a horrendous agreement regarding a local politician's soul. Randall becomes romantically involved with Great Brain's fiancé.
Mark vs Twayne blood court 11 1.11 Hell for the Holidays 2010-10-27 Mark and Randall agree to accompany Callie on a Halloween trip to Hell, where they spend time with her family, who are plotting against Mark.
Clark Dungaree, Mark, Twayne 12 1.12 Trolling for Terror 2010-11-03 After Randall joins the cast of a sleazy reality show, the program’s unbalanced producer becomes obsessed with Mark. Leonard tries to help a troll fit in the city.
Mark and Zechalech priest 13 1.13 Soul Sucker 2010-11-10 Mark gets in over his head when he agrees to be Callie's partner in a demonic ritual. Randall babysits a confused robot.
Albert, Mark, Randall 14 1.14 The ManBirds 2010-11-17 Mark decides to take in a baby manbird that was separated from its family while Grimes struggles to settle a blood-feud with their champion.

Season 2 (2011-2012) Edit

  • C#  =  Episode number in the complete series
  • S#  =  Seasonal episode number
Screenshot C# S# Title Ori. airdate Synopsis
Callie Maggotbone in Bikini 15 2.01 Wet Hot Demonic Summer 2011-06-30 The demons try to get into Mt. Magic to slaughter all wizards. Twayne's strategy involves building a summer camp with Mark as the head counselor.
Lillith and Callie 16 2.02 Callie and Her Sister 2011-07-07 Callie refuses to go through with her arranged marriage to Twayne. Her parents have a second daughter to take Callie's spot. And Mark and Callie are forced to act as substitute parents for Callie's younger, hotter and fast-growing sister, who has evil plans of her own.
Slitherax 2 17 2.03 Ride Me to Hell 2011-07-14 The ending of his favorite TV series sends Grimes off the deep end. Mark has to help him get to the bottom of his inexplicable attachment to the show, uncovering a deep seated memory along the way.
Twayne and Drill Sergeant 18 2.04 G.I. Twayne 2011-07-21 Twayne is drafted into Satan's Dark Army. When Mark is forced to join him, he discovers a plan to end humanity.
Victoria and her mate 19 2.05 The Ring of Powers 2011-07-28 Mark accidentally puts on a magical engagement ring belonging to Leonard and starts up a long-postponed wedding.
Clone Mark and Tad Monkeybottom 20 2.06 Attack of Mark's Clone 2011-08-04 Callie has created a clone of Mark to win a bowling tournament. But the clone takes a peep at Callie's diary, and decides to get revenge on her.
Fantasy lab - Erik, Callie, Mark, Aldermach 2x07 21 2.07 Wail Street 2011-08-11 Randall puts Mark's soul up for sale. Grimes pursues his dream of creating a pop music act with a teen sensation.
Son 22 2.08 Little Ship of Horrors 2011-08-18 Twayne throws a company party aboard a cruise ship, and Randall gets sick from dangerous magical pollens.
Vest 23 2.09 Lilly and the Beast 2011-08-25 Callie reveals to Mark that she has been sleeping with other guys. At the same time, Mark's college girlfriend returns to his life.
Mummy Sand 24 2.10 Mummy Dearest 2011-09-01 Grimes' "mummy" returns and causes trouble in the Department of Integration. Meanwhile, Randall feels neglected by Mark.
Shrinking Spell 1 25 2.11 Journey to the Center of Twayne 2012-03-14 Mark, Grimes and Leonard chase an arsonist ant man inside Twayne's body. At the same time, Twayne has fallen madly in love with a nice girl.
Fball 26 2.12 Any Given Workday 2012-03-21 The intramural football game is coming up, but Mark is terrible at training his team. When Randall demonstrates the power of his new arm, Twayne gives him a job at the Department of Integration as the team's ringer and Mark's superior.
Twayne's roast Randall hosting 27 2.13 The Roast of Twayne the Boneraper 2012-03-28 After working at the Department of Integration for the past 10 years, the crew gives Twayne a roast. But Mark's jokes lead to unimaginable consequences.
Thekraken 28 2.14 Mark Loves Dick 2012-04-04 Callie gets a promotion as the new ambassador to Atlantis by turning herself into a male.
Epi 29 2.15 The Stalking Dead 2012-04-11 When the country's biggest musician turns into a zombie and thousands of her devoted fans do the same, Mark befriends one of them. Randall has to deal with his jealousy issues.
Batboy 30 2.16 The Dork Knight 2012-04-18 Mark is bitten by a bat boy and becomes a masked vigilante.
Love 31 2.17 Fools for Love 2012-04-25 Mark attempts to take his relationship with Callie to the next level, on April Fool's Day. Grimes unwittingly puts everyone in the Department of Integration in danger with his pranks.

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