Matthew W. Thornton is a werewolf and a minor character on Ugly Americans. He appears in the episode "An American Werewolf in America".

Matthew gets arrested for ripping off part of Phil's face and his left arm in order to rob Phil of his tickets for a Christ Angel show.

At the court, the prosecutor representing the state says that Matthew was arrested with Phil's arm in his mouth. Yet his lawyer Giant Baby wins the case with the "spaghetti face". The judge sends Matthew to the Department of Integration for obedience training.

In Mark Lilly's class in the DOI, Phil asks Matthew for his wedding ring back, but Matthew says he has not passed it yet, implying that Matthew has eaten Phil's arm.

Phil has become a werewolf as a result even though his arm was torn off instead of being bitten by Matthew.

He returns the wedding ring and makes up with Phil in Mark's funeral.