Zazzerbos and Gary are recurring characters in Ugly Americans. They are often seen together, and acquainted to Twayne Boneraper.

They are demon businessmen who presumably work for the bureaucracy of Hell. Zazzerbos has outward sprouted fangs and Gary has a pair of very large horns. Zazzerbos is a lot brighter and Gary often acts like his sycophant. Zazzerbos often says things that undermines Gary, yet Gary always fawns on Zazzerbos.


They are introduced when Twayne meet them in Central Park for the coming event of "Treegasm" where they are gossiping. Twayne introduces them to Callie Maggotbone who is about to shed her demon body. The three males are later seen playing golf together.

Demon-Expo 2010Edit

In the episode "Kong of Queens", they attend the "Demon-Expo 2010" where they meet Twayne again. Zazzerbos makes fun of Twayne on his upcoming speech. When Twayne can't deliver his speech, Callie takes his place on stage and is bungling. Zazzerbos and Gary tease her with sexual jokes, but Zazzerbos doesn't think much of Gary's. When Callie turns the speech around by signing Kong's work release papers brought down to the convention by Mark Lilly, and using that as an example why the Department of Integration is able to increase the creature-to-human ratio, Zazzerbos shows interests in her business plan. Yet Gary is still mocking her, and Zazzerbos urges Gary to stop.

The Collector vs ArturoEdit

The two appear again in "The ManBirds". They arrange a manbird champion cockfight at Madison Square Garden with Twayne and Callie. Twayne shuts the DOI down to allow the event and Gary secures the venue. The four of them then seek out Randall Skeffington and take control of the Collector. Twayne still manages Arturo while Zazzerbos and Gary manage the Collector. The two demons make a huge pile of money with the Collector winning the fight.

End of Days War Pre-EnactmentEdit

Both of them are foot soldiers in Satan's Dark Army like Twayne. Gary's human slave turns out to be Francis Grimes.